OUR PHILOSOPHY on TOBE PERCENTAGES The Rocky Mountain Horse breed was established as a separate entity from other mountain horses. All gaited horse breeds in North America originated from Kentucky Saddlers, however, Rockies had their beginnings from the landrace of saddle horses in the Estill County area of Kentucky. The Estill County strain was directly influenced by the Rocky Mountain Stud colt of 1890.   Of all the mixed blood in our registry today, Sam Tuttle’s Tobe is the only one that carried the most blood/genes from the Rocky Mountain Stud colt of 1890 to the present-day horses of our breed. Through the years, outside blood was included in our breed's gene pool, some gaited, some not so much, some with good dispositions, some not. However, Tobe's disposition and gait was impeccable. Of all the foundation lines in our breed, Tobe was the only one documented to have the purest of old-time Rocky Mountain Horse traits.  There are no other foundation lines in our breed with unequivocal reputations like Tobe. During many years of researching and documenting details about the Rocky Mountain Horse breed, we never heard anyone say anything bad about Tobe. We talked to hundreds of Rocky owners and breeders, and everyone had good comments about Tobe's disposition and gait. Especially his DISPOSITION. There was not only verbal verification of good gait and disposition, but also written documentation of such traits in newspaper articles, magazines, and periodicals. On average, written verification is even more accurate than verbal. The reason why we prefer to breed Rockies with high Tobe percentages is because we believe traits run more true to the old-time traits when the horse carries lineage closest to the original Rocky Mountain Stud colt of 1890. Other mixed lines of gaited mountain horses from the Kentucky Saddlers, as well as outside stock brought in from the time when the RMHA Registry books were open, have higher possibilities of genes with negative traits.  This is becoming a rare thing because as years go by there is less and less of Tobe's blood in the horses of our breed.  We are not saying that horses without high Tobe percentages don't have good traits. Rather, we say that the ones with higher percentages are more likely to have good traits. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Hopefully people will do their homework on the subject like we did and have an opinion that is formed from knowledge, not hearsay. 


Our mares are top-notch foundation stock with a high percentage of "Tobe" bloodlines, producing some of the best foals in Wisconsin and throughout the country. (Tobe is the foundation sire of today's Rocky Mountain horse breed). Our mares include a direct daughter of "Maple's Squirrel" by Tobe, a third generation mare by "Tobe" that possesses four of the five sons by "Tobe", and a mare with Kilburn's Chocolate Sundown, Sam Clemon's Tim, and Johnson's Toby bloodlines.    


TOBE & Sam Tuttle